Based in Melbourne, home of the Australian Formula One Grand Prix and Australian MotoGP, Laudesi was founded in early 2020 with a passion to design and create a whole new brand and style of watches totally inspired by sports cars, automotive racing and design.  With many exciting design concepts in the pipeline Laudesi's mission is to create some of the coolest and most exhilarating automotive inspired sports watches...in the world.


Like a supercar every Laudesi watch is a bold statement of intent and exceptional design. A Laudesi watch looks and feels satisfyingly solid and mechanical yet present and sophisticated. Just like driving a supercar, wearing a Laudesi watch is an event of pure drama, fun and excitement.  Laudesi watches doesn't merely have to tell the time, they have to look incredibly cool, incredibly individual and incredibly self-possessed.


It all starts and ends with design. To design something exceptional means to think about it a thousand times in order to get to it's very essence. It's intimate, frustrating, liberating all at the same time. Each Laudesi timepiece has been passionately and painstakingly designed, developed and refined to create watches with intense focus and stunning aesthetics. Pure yet powerful, simple yet exhilarating, subtle yet confident, classic yet revolutionary.


Gin & tonic, bacon & eggs, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie...or maybe not...are combos made for each other just like cars & watches. Laudesi draws it's inspiration from a love of cars and automotive design. From wheel/caliper dial designs to car engine concepts to vintage racing car inspired watches, Laudesi redefines and creates unique and exhilarating watches that are meticulously engineered and beautifully made that captures the spirit and dream of automotive sport and pleasure.